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Frago Operating System

We’ve spent 4 years researching the behaviour and the needs of all participants involved in the hospitality industry: clients, staff, management groups, even suppliers. The results are clear: Instead of harmoniously connecting all the parties, the existing solutions do the lazy job of connecting just few of them, or sometimes even the opposite, they create unnecessary walls between clients and the rest of the staff. In the following part we’ll present our already built solution, our whole future vision and how we all could create today an amazing experience around us when we go out to spend our free time or when we work for our guests.


Full Technological Potential

the world should look a little more Science Fiction than it looks today

When you are outside of your home, you are using just a fraction of the potential technology found around you. There is a lot of technology in Bars, Hotels, etc which work isolated, serving just a small part of the whole potential. All that could be connected with your own pocket technology, and today, not tomorrow, the world could look a little more Science Fiction than it looks today, with even less costs then is supported nowadays by businesses for old fashioned piece of tech.

Frago Team


Frago World

All the entities are space-aware of each other

The Frago World consists in multiple entities: mobile applications, intelligent materials (as tables, bars, beach spots), and also a distributed cloud infrastructure. All the entities are space-aware of each other and are programmed to harmoniously communicate between each other.

In the next part we are going to present some of the most important parts for you:

  • Frago App
  • Staff Apps
  • Manager Apps

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    Frago App

    Frago App is a self aware app and is reacting differently based on what other Frago Aware Spots is communicating with, including close friends found in proximity. Your phone securely, not some cloud global applications, knows and stores your history, your behaviour, and with this information itself behaves in accordance with what you need

    For a better understanding of what Frago App is designed to do, let’s go through some real scenarios:

    Table Aware

    You arrive in a restaurant/pub, at some table you meet your dear friends. Once you place your phone on the table, Frago become aware of the table and will display a welcome message from the restaurant. Now, being connected with the Table Aware, you can see already what anyone else ordered and you can place orders by yourself. Also, if the waiter is nearby you can ask him for some guidance or products. During your staying, you are free to choose whatever interaction with the staff fits the moment, traditionally or through Frago. In the end, you can pay with your phone or cash for what you have ordered, or you can pay for others as well.

    Trully connected

    Once your flight has landed, let’s say, on your favourite island, Frago App can greet you with offers from previously visited locations, tailored specially for you, based on your history with them. Also, you can see which friends are on the island and you can ask them to meet in reserved locations choosen through Frago App.

    Enjoying the time spent

    You are in a club or at a festival, there are multiple bars. Frago App will automatically connect with all of them and each time you need something you can order straight forward then continue spending quality time with you friends. Frago App will guide you to the bar when your order is ready for pick up. The Bar will be aware of your identity just having your phone nearby and you can get your products.


    Staff Apps

    for every staff member there is an app

    There are several apps, simply tailored for every role in a hospitality business (waiter, bartender, chefs, etc). All apps are self aware within Frago OS, and will automatically recognise known employees in their proximity, allowing the discovered users to operate.


    Manager Apps

    management aware

    The manager apps are designed in the opposite direction than staff apps are. They are designed to be used wherever and whenever the manager is located. A manager needs to approve operations forbidden to a regular staff user. Also, all the real time reports about current tables, users and all information stay within his pocket. We built two management apps, one for the phone and one for a big screen (tablet / laptop**). The phone one can do all the day to day actions, as interventions on current orders, register invoices, inventories etc. The HD one, is more designated for the long term operations, as menu management, users management and also more detailed reports than those found on the phone app.


    Our Offer

    There is no price on freedom

    Being a part of the future that is happening today is the key experience we are offering and making all this possible is a journey that we would love to share with everyone. There is no price on freedom we think, and close to the price for freedom is where we tend to get too. So that’s why we bring everything there is to the table:

  • Free mobile applications (no licensing costs)
  • No limit on POS number,
  • Free intelligent materials (as tables, bars, beach spots)
  • Unlimited Free Updates for all apps
  • Free Phone/ Online Support
  • Zero implementation costs (meniu and stock data migration are supported by Frago team)
  • growing together

    There are constraints of operating the whole Frago World. Costs to keep our developers working to grow all of this, Cloud Server related costs, Support related costs that we need to handle.

    We thought you’d like to share the costs with us, so here’s how you could:

    Monthly 0.5% of total net sales